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Elementary Book List: Non-Fiction

All the books in this list have been read by either Jenn (proprietor of Comics in the Classroom), or one of her staff. They are certified to be appropriate for the elementary age group and have been chosen for their benefit to classrooms and libraries.

Some books on the Elementary List are also available on the Intermediate List. This is because we feel these books have a wide-ranging appeal. We have noted where books are targeted for older readers at the Elementary level.

All books will be reduced by 25% at time of ordering.

image not available Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels

Volumes: 9; ongoing
Written and Illustrated by: Geronimo Stilton
Genre: Educational, Adventure
SRP: 10.99 or 11.99 each

Synopsis: Geronimo Stilton is the editor of the Rodent's Gazette, the most "famouse" paper on Mouse Island. In each book, Geronimo and his mouse friends travel to a new location, where they learns a lot about a piece of history, while participating in an adventure. Geronimo narrates the story, taking time out to provide information about various historical figures or elements of the story. The stories are very well researched, with the information presented in a fun and engaging way. The adventures are full of positive messages about problem-solving, historical preservation, and the search for knowledge.

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image not available Little Mouse Gets Ready

Volumes: 1; complete
Written and Illustrated by: Jeff Smith
Genre: Educational
SRP: 16.00

Synopsis: This is an adorable book by Jeff Smith (Bone) about a little mouse who is told by his mom to get ready to go to the barn. He proceeds to put on his clothes. The panels are definitely set up to teach kids how to get dressed through using the demonstration of the story's charming protagonist.
Also by this cartoonist: Bone

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image not available No Girls Allowed

Volumes: 1; complete
Written by: Susan Hughes Canadian!
Illustrated by: Willow Dawson Canadian!
Genre: Non-Fiction
Softcover, digest-sized
SRP: 8.95

Synopsis: This is an anthology of stories about women throughout time who have been forced to dress like men in order to achieve greatness, despite inequality of the sexes. The women portrayed are Hatshepsut, Mu Lan, Alfhild, Esther Brandeau, James Barry, Ellen Craft, and Sarah Rosetta Wakeman. Each story provides historical fact in an entertaining structure with clear, historically accurate illustrations. This is the ideal book to encourage girls to strive and take risks despite perceived adversities. It also provides a jumping off point to discuss the historical context of the stories, from ancient Egypt to New France. Nominated for the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creators Award for Kids in 2009.

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