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Elementary Book List: Manga

All the books in this list have been read by either Jenn (proprietor of Comics in the Classroom), or one of her staff. They are certified to be appropriate for the elementary age group and have been chosen for their benefit to classrooms and libraries.

Some books on the Elementary List are also available on the Intermediate List. This is because we feel these books have a wide-ranging appeal. We have noted where books are targeted for older readers at the Elementary level.

All books will be reduced by 25% at time of ordering.

image not available Astro Boy Collected Editions

Volumes: 1; ongoing
Written and Illustrated by: Osamu Tezuka
Genre: Manga, Science Fiction
Black and White
Softcover, digest-sized
SRP: 18.00

Synopsis: Astro Boy was the first manga series to be adapted to animation and receive worldwide recognition, leading the way for the current manga phenomenon. Astro Boy is a jet-powered, super-strong, evil-robot-bashing, alien-invasion-smashing robot. In a civilization founded on Asimov's robot principles, Astro works to stop injustice wherever he finds it, in stories that touch on themes of acceptance, selflessness, and environmentalism.

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image not available Chi's Sweet Home

Volumes: 10; ongoing
Written and Illustrated by: Konami Kanata Genre: Manga
Softcover, digest-sized
SRP: 16.95

Synopsis: Chi is the Yamada famliy's new kitten. She is very curious and gets into many adventures through a series of short stories. Chi tries human food, meets dogs, gets lost outside and even makes friends with a large stray in her neighbourhood. Cat owners will find her adventures very familiar and endearing. This series is perfect for a young audience, but can be appreciated by all readers.

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image not available Gon

Volumes: 7; ongoing
Written and Illustrated by: Masashi Tanaka
Genre: Manga
Softcover, digest-sized
SRP: Vol.1-3 7.95, Vol.4-7 6.99

Synopsis: Gon is the only dinosaur left, unfortunately, he's also the smallest dinosaur. In stories told without words, Gon travels across the wilderness protecting those in need of help from other animals that wish to harm or eat them.

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image not available Legend of Zelda

Volumes: 10; complete
Written and Illustrated by: Akira Himekawa Genre: Manga, Fantasy
Black and white
Softcover, digest-sized
SRP: 9.99 each

Synopsis: In a world of elves and magic there are only two who can stop evil in its tracks, Link and Princess Zelda. Each volume of this series follows the plot of a different Legend of Zelda video game, fleshing out those plots to full fledged fantasy tales. Most of the stories follow Link searching for pieces of the mystical Tri-force, an amulet that will give its holder power over all reality and shape it to their will. Evil forces try to stop him at ever turn, wanting the power for themselves, but with the help of Princess Zelda and friends he meets along the way Link is ever triumphant. This series is appropriate for all ages and will appeal to fans of Bone, Amulet and Korgi.

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image not available Pokemon

Pokemon Adventures: 14 volumes; complete; 9.99 each Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures: 7 volumes; complete; 9.99 each Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Platinum: 5 volumes, complete; 9.99 each Pokemon Black and White: 7 volumes; complete; 5.99 each Written and Illustrated by: various
Genre: Manga, adventure
Softcover, digest-sized

Synopsis: This follows the classic cartoon and card-game series, in which people work hard to become trainers and those trainers work to catch various Pokemon creatures, which have various forms. This is fun and adventure, with lots of lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and doing the right thing.

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